This door is made from 3/4" thick framing material and has a 1/4" thick veneer center panel. It features mortise & tenon construction with 5/8" wide "lite-mullion" strips centered on the top panel. ¾” Thickness only minimum width of an actual door is 9 7/8”, minimum height of door is 17 3/4” Top panel opening is 6 5/8" high, lower panel height will vary depending on door height. All specifications including the sizes and number.
Top opening is fixed at 6 5/8" high, number of mullions will vary depending on width of door. The stiles and rails are a full 2 ¾ wide and the center panel "setback" distance is approx. 3/8”
9 7/8"
Oak, Birch, Pine, Cherry, Walnut, Alder, Rustic Maple, Exotics
Whenever applicable, MDF will be used for all full cover finishes unless a request is made otherwise. MDF results in a more consistent finish with zero grain showing through, no expansion and contracting issues which reduces the chance of cracks at the mortise and tenon joints.