Adelphi manufactures two types of cabinets: face-frame (also simply called “framed”) and frameless full overlay (usually called “frameless”, “32-millimeter”, or “European-style”).

Framed cabinetry

Framed cabinets are available with four different door styles: standard offset, marginal overlay, full overlay, and two types of inset—beaded and flush. All framed cabinets are built using premium fully solid-wood stock and plywood.

Frameless cabinetry

Adelphi builds frameless cabinetry using two different materials: plywood stock, called Ridgewood; or engineered wood, collectively referred to as ‘the Briers’: Woodbrier, Whitebrier, and Brier Select. There are also several specialty door programs available exclusively in frameless styles. Because most measurements for the frameless lines are taken in metric, they are sometimes referred to as European-style or 32mm cabinetry.