Level Program

The Level program is made up of three parts: acrylics, both glossy and metallic; wired 2D laminates, and the FENIX nanotech matte colors.


Level doors are flat laminated with a variety of edgebanding options. Advanced techniques allow for a high substrate-to-material bond strength, as well as higher resistance to heat and moisture. High-gloss acrylic components feature a colored layer of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) that is permanently fused with a clear acrylic top layer. ABS is a high-quality, ecologically responsible, impact-resistant, resilient thermoplastic.

Metallic Acrylics

Wired laminates

High-gloss wired 2D laminate is a PVC material that can be laminated onto flat surfaces.


With low light reflectivity, the surface of the FENIX Nanotechnology Matte material is extremely opaque, anti-fingerprint, and features a soft touch. Next-generation acrylic resins are hardened and fixed to the underlying material via the electron beam curing process.