Recycled leather veneer

Recycled leather (RLV) products offer a unique and sustainable way to add both physical texture and visual dimension to your cabinetry. These materials can be ordered on doors and on other parts of the cabinet. Doors can be ordered with leather veneer only on the outside (Mono) or on both the inside and outside of the door (Diplo). RLV Mono doors have a solid melamine on the interior of the door instead of leather veneer. Melamine colors other than what are shown in the table are not available. Door edges are banded with your choice from the available selections. Infinity wrap is available by special quote only.

RLV products are made using recycled, “green” materials extracted from previously used leather products, or from leftover materials from tanneries. A minimum of 70% of the material used is real leather. In this way, we are working to reduce waste and improve the impact on our environment. Because the RLV products are recycled, they are uniquely suited to resist abrasion and damage, and they are durable enough to use in residential, institutional, or light commercial environments.

The recycled leather veneers are imprinted with different patterns to simulate the look of different natural leathers: buffalo, crocodile, or shagreen.

Buffalo pattern colors

Crocodile pattern colors

Shagreen pattern colors