Hand-wiped stains

The following finishes are available on cabinets made from cherry. Most people visualize cherry wood with a reddish-brown color. This is indeed the tone seen in most cherry furniture. However, a fair amount of cherry also has a distinctively grayish cast, while other pieces have a light straw color. The freshly cut heartwood is usually light amber in tone, but will darken considerably with age and exposure to sunlight. Cherry sapwood is even lighter in color, from white to a light red-brown. Cherry wood often has black “pitch marks” which appear as small, dark lines. These are not considered defects, but are in fact inherent to the wood itself. Cherry is stiff, strong, and moderately hard.

Variant: rustic cherry

This wood species was developed to provide our dealers with a material allowing for knots, splits, and other character marks and defects. This allows all of the natural color characteristics of the species, worm holes, and any other naturally occurring defects that may be present in the wood. Rustic Cherry will not be matched for color and may contain both heartwood and sapwood in varying amounts. Rustic cherry is only available in framed cabinetry or the Ridgewood frameless line.

Variant: premium cherry

Premium Cherry is available for those customers who desire a more uniform look. This style will contain less of the natural characteristics of the wood and selected with a much narrower color range. Sapwood will not appear on the face of the door or drawer. Premium Cherry is highly recommended for transparent or natural finishes.

Fashion colors