Ridgewood Cabinetry

The Ridgewood line is an all-wood European-style frameless cabinetry line. The boxes are made from plywood; a variety of different door styles and materials are available.

Frameless construction

The frameless full overlay manufacturing style has the doors and drawers lying almost completely over the edge of the cabinet. The entire edge profile and 3/4″ thickness is visible. Door and drawer sizes are not based on the cabinet opening, but rather on using “reveals” all around the cabinet box. The fronts of the boxes are edgebanded or veneered.

At the top of wall cabinets, there is a 2mm reveal and 6mm at the top of base cabinets. At the bottom, left, and right sides of walls and bases, there is also a 2mm reveal.

All-wood frameless box construction

Ridgewood cabinet boxes are manufactured with 3/4″ sides, tops, and floors and assembled in the European style with dowels and glue. Interiors are natural birch by default, but can be upgraded at your discretion for an additional charge.

  • Backs of wall cabinets are 1/2″ birch plywood dadoed into sides
  • Backs of base and tall cabinets are 1/4″ birch plywood
  • Shelves are made from 3/4″ PBC core with natural birch veneer; can be upgraded to plywood for an additional charge

Shelves are adjustable at 32mm increments using a peg-in-hole linebore system. Exposed cabinet edges receive PVC edgebanding.

Drawer boxes

Standard drawer boxes are made from 5/8″ thick solid maple stock, with 1/4″ bottoms dadoed into the sides. Standard drawer slides are BLUM full-extension soft-close undermounts. If a special drawer box size or style is ordered that exceeds the available sizes or tolerances of our maple stock, birch material may be substituted.

Available door styles

All styles of solid wood and wood veneer doors are available in the Ridgewood line, along with the Strata styles and finishes.