Full cover

Full cover means a “paint-style” finish. Adelphi Kitchens does not use enamel paint. Your cabinets are manufactured in a moisture-controlled environment where the moisture content of the selected hardwoods and veneers we use is kept to an accepted range for fine furniture construction. However, when cabinets leave the factory and go to another location where the humidity level is too high or the conditions are too dry, wood parts may expand and contract. This could result in broken joints. This can happen in all types of finishes, but is especially noticeable in full cover finishes.

Please be advised that nicotine will cause unnatural yellowing of any finish. Light-colored finishes, especially any shade of white, are especially susceptible to discoloration in homes where smoking occurs.

Standard full-cover paints

In addition to the colors shown below, Adelphi also allows you to select from any Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore color you choose.

Fashion colors