Bretagne III

Door Details

  • Framing: 2 5/16″ exterior, 2 1/2″ interior
  • 3/4″ mortise-and-tenon construction
  • Minimum size: 13″W × 13″H
  • Lips: choose any
  • Beads: choose any
  • Raises: 5/8″ center panel; choose any raise except Louis XIII
    • Top panel is 5″ high horizontal grain

Drawer Details

There is no matching drawer for the Bretagne III door. The Bevel drawer style is shown in the photo at left. Other options include Slab, Keystone, Marcel, or Heritage.

Construction types

  • All construction types available
Available woods

Oak, Birch, Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Pine, Alder, Paint Grade