Dream Kitchens

I highly recommend Adelphi cabinets.  I even have them in my OWN home!

I have been supplying Adelphi cabinets for over 25 years. I have won over 200 awards with Adelphi cabinets. I can only say great things about Adelphi. I find their quality is excellent and the service second to none. Their stains are rich and beautiful, and their new paint is superior. The paint is very resistant to cracking and chipping, which is essential to having the product look beautiful for many years. They have a superior box that is 3/4″ thick with 6-inch stringers on the front and back, and they have a stringer on the top drawer of the base cabinets. This makes the cabinets solid and can handle the weight of three-inch thick granite on top. They are excellent at matching stains; I can pick any stain I want, and have it look exactly how it was meant to be.

Adelphi has the right heart. When we have a problem, they are quick to fix it and they do what it takes to make me and my customers happy. I only have one complaint with Adelphi: I have had my Adelphi kitchen in my home for 18 years, and it looks brand new—how can I justify a new kitchen?

We have won over two hundred awards with Adelphi cabinets and have been on the cover of two national magazines and five local magazines—all with Adelphi cabinets .

Nina Hackel, an Adelphi partner since 1989